Character Stuck in login screen

I’ve been having some trouble while trying to log in to one of my characters. I DCed while clearing a dungeon in South Vern and now I can’t log back on. All my other characters are working fine, so I suppose she’s just stuck in that map somehow and moving her would fix the problem.
Character Name: Zephyran
Server: Gienah
Thanks in advance!

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I’m very sorry for the character stuck in login screen your are experimenting.

We understand the issue that all of you are experiencing and we are aware of it, if you are stuck and can’t seem to recover from the loading screen please reach out the Support team via web ticket Contact Us | Amazon Games and we will work to unstuck your character manually, please be patient while we work on solving this issue.

Further updates will be given in this post only: [Notice] Haiger's Manor and Rielvarr Ruins endless loading screens

Hope this information help you and have a nice day! :wolf: