Character stuck in stonghold

My character stuck in Stronghold and i cant get out . I have song of escape in my inventory and it wont let me use it
character name lodalasan
server name Danube
region NA

Hey there @buttfart123!

Sorry to hear you’re having issues leaving your Stronghold, allow me a moment to try and move your character to a different area to solve this issue!

What the hell? I got ban now?

Sorry for the delay @buttfart123 ! You might have received a disconnection message in order to be able to move your character. Please log back into the game and check on your character, as I have now moved it to Prideholme.

Please let me know if you experience any other issues!

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Does Amazon have a live chat anymore for customer service?

At the moment the only way to contact our support team directly is to submit a web ticket following this link:

Hope this information helps!