Character stuck inside stronghold mansion wall

Hi, as per title, when I teleport to the stronghold my character is stuck inside the wall of the mansion and I can’t move anywhere. I can teleport out using song of escape but when I re-enter stronghold I am in the same place and trapped due to clipping issue.

Any help would be great!

Hello @Dramoriga,

I’m sorry that your character is stuck inside a wall in your stronghold, could you please provide me with the name and server of your character?

I may be able to relocate your character within your stronghold.

Thanks, the character is Dramoriga, and the server is Slen, thanks.

Hello again @Dramoriga, I’m sorry for the delay.

Were you able to get able to get your character unstuck in your stronghold? If not, I can try relocating your character but I’ll need you to log off for a moment while they’re in the stronghold.

did you setup a bifrost by any chance? if so you might want to try teleporting out with it.

Hi, it’s okay now. When I loaded in this morning there was lag and the mansion hadn’t spawned/rendered yet, so I managed to run out the area, thanks.