Character stuck loading screen

I can see progress going but it sits for 5+ minutes and closes. Soarlozer is name, was trying to zone into battleplains in east luterra.

Hi @Soarlozer

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It will be my pleasure to help you with this issue.

Can you please share with me the following information.

Character server:

Character level:

Character class:

This issue happen to you with other character or just this one?

I’ll be waiting for your reply! :wolf:

Character server: Galatur

Character level: 52

Character class: Bard

This issue happen to you with other character or just this one? Just this one, can play on my alt

Thank you for the reply! @Soarlozer.

I like to tell you that I just moved your character to another location.

After you log in please check the integrity of the game files.

Here is the link to do it:

Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files .

Please let me know if you can log in to your character with out any problem. :wolf:

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Actually it happened again, both times it is getting stuck trying to enter Battlebound Plains in Luterra trying to do some rapport quest for Thirain. Possible for another move?

Hello @Soarlozer ,

I hope you’re having a great day and I’m sorry that you experience this issue with your character.

Give me just a moment to check your account and I’ll be back in a moment.

EDIT : I moved your character back to another location but please before you open the game let’s check the Steam files and let me know if it works.