Character stuck starsand beach

Hi, my character is stuck in starsand beach. Used the “elevator” thingy and then poof, game frozen, can’t login. Other characters are fine. Internet works fine. Only for this character.

Hi @fansut welcome to the forum!

Hope you are enjoying your adventure through Arkesia!

I’m sorry to hear that your character got stuck in the elevator! Luckily rescuers won’t be needed in this case as I can magically move your character to a safe location, I just need to know the character name and the region you are playing in to do the trick! :magic_wand:

I’ll be waiting for your answer! :man_mage:

Hi, thanks for the effort. It’s Shylphin, Enviska NA

I’m glad to be of help!

Your character has been moved to Prideholme, let me know if you need anything else.

Cheers! :shield:

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Hi @ModeratorZ , sorry to disturb you again, but the same thing happened again. Same character, same area (different place). Can you help me again? Another thing: is it my character problem only or global? Since because of this I cannot finish the main quest and can’t go further…

Hey @fansut, hope you are doing great!

I’m sorry to hear that this issue is preventing you from continuing your adventure.

Unfortunately this is not only affecting you, other players have also reported this problem and we are looking for a solution from our side, so far the solution in many cases has been to run a Steam Integrity check after the relocation to make sure that there is no issues in your game files.

Here you have the steps to run the Steam integrity check:

I moved your character back to Prideholme, so please try again with this troubleshooting steps and let me know the result.

Hope this helps! :shield:

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Hello my character is stuck in Starsand beach aswell. EU west , Server: stoneheart
Charactername: Corpsevalid.

could you please help me teleport him somewhere else? he has been stuck for 6 days :frowning:

Hi @gildedink , Welcome to Lost Ark forums, I hope you are having a great day.

I’ll help you out with this one please give me some minutes while I finish the process.

Edit: It’s ready, please run a Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files before launching the game.

Thanks for the patience!!

Hi, I tried the suggestion, and it happened again. Is there any other solution? But first, please move my character again…

Hi @fansut :lion:

I hope you’re having a great day and I’m sorry that you experience this issue with the game again.

As many of you know we’re experiencing issues with some players getting stuck in the game:

We understand the issue that all of you are experiencing and we are aware of it, if you are stuck and can’t seem to recover from the loading screen please reach out the Support team via web ticket:

We will work to unstuck your character manually, please be patient while we work on solving this issue. :hammer_and_wrench: