Character Surname

Seriously, this has been ironed out in the industry for years. 98% of the name complaints would disappear with a surname that players can assign to all of their characters.

FFXIV and SWTOR both had this figured out more than ten years ago.

MILLIONS OF PLAYERS, guys. A single name approach was never sustainable.



(Not at all disagreeing, just saying …)

bro i was going to just post this lol. Everquest was the first game i played with surnames at level 20, and it opened up a whole new world for naming characters.

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WoW is a perfect example of another game with the same problem, The large number of servers makes it a bit better, but still the problem persists.

The original scope of the game was intended for a Korean audience and they can get a lot more permutations in a single cipher than we can. I do agree that we should have had some sort of solution for this localization though. I personally don’t like games where I have to have a surname and would prefer a tag#1234 system, but it definitely would have been better than nothing.

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I already have problems finding names, I cant even imagine whats with people who join half a year later ? It will be like impossible.