Charactername availability

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I have a question about one of my Characters. When i decide to delete one of my lvl 50 Characters to create another one, will the Charactername be available for the new one then or will it be locked for me also?

If a character is Level or 11 or higher, when they are deleted their name will be recycled for reuse after a 60 day period passes (once the character is out of the pending state)

is there any other chance to receive the name for a new character or swap them? i mean why i havew to wait 60 days for a charatername, kinda sadge

If the character name would be reserved to you for 60 days, I could understand, but removing it as an available name in general makes no sense. Can you explain why this choice was made? Didnt really say why in the name post that was made around early access time.

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totally agree with that!

And below 11? I deleted a character below level 11 and I can’t use the name again.

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I encountered this after saving a customization to use with the same name reserved by a level 1. I received the same name unavailable error, exited out of character creation entirely, redid it and it worked minutes later. This was this past Friday so your mileage may vary. Try using the name again.

Does this mean it takes 60 days to delete a level 50 character? As I knowledge transfered am alt I plan to delete once my preferred classes are out, just for the extra Una completions.

If it’s 60 days I’m going to need 60 days notice :sob:

I didn’t know about this at all. so I deleted my level 17 character with the intention of recustomizing appearance before getting the cosmetics item. now i gotta wait 60 days before i can use the same name and the outfit maybe gone by that time. :frowning: :sob:
god i hate this naming restriction system so much. why is everything made so difficult??

update: ok so i did the live chat support and i got my character restored in no time. the agent was pretty cool about it. thank you very much :slight_smile:

Not deleting the Charakter, but releasing the name

Hopefully this will change by the time Artist comes out.

@Roxx Is it possible to add this feedback to your very long list? :heart: