Character's eyebrows changed colors with the new update

So that happened with my main character with the new update and the support told me to verify the integrity of the game on steam and that didn’t do anything and I don’t want to spend a reskin ticket just to modify that.

Region: South America
Server: Kazeros
Character name: Shermie

The oppacity of the eyebrows went to maximum brightness, and I left it on 0 when I created her.


Same problem here :frowning:


same. i look like the frog sage from naruto now :smiling_face_with_tear:


Moving this to the bugs section of the forums, this is a weird one for sure! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (emoji picked specifically)


Same :frowning: It looks so ugly with white as paper eyebrows. I’ve spend around 30 minutes to customize my characters and now I have 2 fighers (1370 and 420 ivll) with ugly eyebrows…


haha same problem here , in the character customization I put the eyebrows with lowest brightness so they would become Pitch Black , but after the update they became white… i don’t know what’s going on…


Same problem here

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Same happend to me. My char has white hair and white skin, but still those brows just flashedbanged my screen

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Can we have any answer? I can’t look at my character selection room

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Same problem here. Its uncomfortable to look at lol.

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Still no update :frowning: ?

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My eyebrows are jacked!

How can i even wear a bikini looking like this?

Its blursed
Screenshot 2022-07-21 105222

My preset was overwritten for some reason and the opacity for eyebrows make up was set to max.

How she is supposed to look.

Verifying integrity of game files doesn’t work, neither does reinstalling game.


I think the issue is that they were bugged before, I remember playing around with the eyebrow colour and seeing no change on my characters eyebrows, now suddenly after the update both my female fighters have dirty blonde eyebrows… please for the love of god AGS don’t brush this one under the rug, why have the forums gone silent about this?

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??? @Roxx


@Roxx any update?

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@Roxx Any update, made a support ticket after verifying integrity of game and restarting with no fix and still waiting to hear back.

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I don’t think it’s a bug. I have the impression that the eyebrow customization in the game has been repaired. When creating or changing the appearance of a character, the color slider did not work and the eyebrows were always the same color. It is possible that after the bug is fixed, more players have a strange eyebrow color due to an attempt to change them while changing their appearance. I have it too on my mage and warriors char. I don’t want to buy customization character tickets. I would have to buy at least 5 of them to repair apperance. @Roxx ?

Before update:

After update:

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Buy a reskin ticket? For what? Their mistake? No chance in hell we are gonna do that. And it’s not only the color of the eyebrows. It’s also the shape of the eyes. They fucked up our characters, and for over a week now, we have no update or an official statement.



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I have the same issue, my main was made into a clown against my better judgement.
I contacted the support right away and it took them 6 days to finally answer me :

For those who don’t speak french, it basically says : We know the issue, we have no idea what’s causing it and we don’t have any hotfix coming, anytime soon.

Well, until then, I’m out. Don’t fucking mess with my character.


No mention in the hotfix list… this has a pretty terrible effect on my morale, ngl.

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