Character's eyebrows changed colors with the new update

Of all the infinite possibilities, the many paths they could chose to deal with this, it’s very revealing to watch them litteraly ignore the problem, let it rot and all of us with it.

Actions speak louder than words, and right now, their actions can easily translated in very rude words, I don’t think I need to say them out loud, we all know what they are.

Bump. This will be the 5th weeks. @Roxx please remind KR dev to put this fix on 8/24’s patch.

If they can’t fix it, please let us know, we’ll be pissed that we had to use our own Character Customization Ticket to fix this bug, but it will put an end to this nonsense.

they could literally issue us all tickets and be done with it but here we are entering 5 weeks with busted ass characters the game changed for us!

@Roxx what’s the over/under on this actually being addressed this update?


sorry but these pictures made my day :rofl:


Thought i’d share my eyebrows experience aswell as we all hope for a reskin ticket or some sort of compensation, or even just a sign our eyebrows don’t go unnoticed… It’d be pretty difficult to miss them though right, they’re so blinding xd
Thankfully it’s only happened on her (Scrapper) but unfortunately she’s my main and she looks a tad ridiculous wearing her sunglasses indoors you know… Dyeing accidents happen but this is on a whole different level.

Anyway, i’ll drop my details aswell if ever. Good luck coping with it guys!

Region: EUC
Server: Calvasus
Character name: Muiri



G’day everyone, i’ll get back to being flamed by my teammates, the joke will never dye (get it?) now, but my eyebrows will have the last word!


@Roxx you are Community Manager why you dont communicate with us?


The patchnote for august patch is out and, of course, there is no fix in it for the eyebrows issue.

I’ve never seen such disdain from any developpers toward such a big issue. It official, they won’t fix it, they won’t communicate on it, they won’t do anything. We can just rot in hell until WE pay for THEIR mistake.

Its only been a month. take a chill pill all of you. They will sort it in a year or so after we have all stopped playing this game and moved onto some other game where we are listened to

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Another week, another update with my Glaivier’s eyebrows still white I guess… smh :confused: No acknowledgement either that the fix is coming anytime soon.



@Roxx it’s been A MONTH what is going ON


This bug show up after 7/20 “Spells in Spades” Major UPDATE, @Roxx and team were quick to response, acknowledge the issue, even told us Dev have ID the problem. than comes the silence.

5 Weeks has passed, 8/24 New Major Update arrived, yet this bug still not patched.

@Roxx we know you also enjoy character creation, and you put time into designing your character like many of us. Would you accept this bug that wreck your character, force you to play something that is not your creation?

We understand your team don’t fix the code, but please make sure this issue is present to the KR dev team, put some pressure if you can, help your player to get Dev team fix this issue soon. :pray: :heart:


like someone already pointed out, it was because they half assed patched a fix in to allow us to change these eyebrows colors which you previously couldn’t. The slider value was set to max default with the patch which is why we all look like ass. There’s nothing to fix. All they have to do is issue us reskin tickets as compensation so we don’t have to pay for them ourselves, but they refuse, so it’s look like shit or pay $8 hmmm I wonder why they stopped responding…

AGS wants our money they don’t give a shit

If slider value is the issue, why it only affect some character’s face but not all? did that “someone” explain that?

it’s not all faces, it’s the faces that previously you could not change brow color on. They “fixed” it so you can and that is why the slider defaulted back. @Roxx admitted they had isolated the faces/classes weeks ago. you can look back through the thread and see pretty much all of us use the same female MA face. Other faces you could freely change brow color on did not need to be patched and therefore were not affected.

I have a Glaivier and a WD as twin sis, using the SAME face templet that I create and saved.

Glaivier’s brow changed, WD brow perfectly fine.

Glaivier Head

WD Head

Can that person explain why only one face is affect with the bug?

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Fix my eyebrows! I DEMAND A FIX!

you tried to move the slider when you created the glaive but with the wd you left it alone cause you remembered that face doesn’t change? why are you so combative I’m just passing info along since AGS/Roxx only give us vague half answers and we’re all left to put 2 and 2 together ourselves.

I didn’t fuck your character up, and I’m not the reason they haven’t just sent you a ticket over a month in to fix it.

it’s the same templet, you assumed I move the slider, which I didn’t. the only different between the two is the eye color. period.

Not combative, just want FACT, not “someone’s” guess/assumptions. We got plenty of those online.

If that was true, that meant when I create these character months ago, slider wasn’t there to make adjustment.