Characters gone

After not playing for almost a year, coming back to the game, all my characters are gone and i cannot get to play on the server they were created on. I remember 2 of the characters names though, hope that can help figure out where they are. The server i created them on back then was called “Brelshaza” and is now called “Ezrebet”.

The characters names are:

I do know that i made them on Central Europe, but now when opening the game on steam, i am not able to choose Central Europe. I hope this can be resolved and that i can get to play them again.

Hi @ccsonne1999 welcome to the forums,

I am sorry to read you are not able to choose the server nor see the characters you used to play with, after a merge all your characters are sent to the Universal Storage, from there you have to move them back to be able to used them.

I just confirmed your characters are waiting at the Universal Storage, if you are not able to choose Central Europe from the server selection screen, please run an Integrity Check of the steam files How To run a Steam Integrity Check and try again.

Let me know if this information helps!!

I have tried verifying integrity of the steam files twice now, i am still unable to choose Central Europe from the server selection screen. When i click on Central Europe, i get a message saying “The region is closed and cant be selected”.

Hi @ccsonne1999,

Thanks for the update, I would like to share this link that has troubleshooting steps you can try for this problem Error Message: The Region is Closed and Can't Be Selected - Support | Amazon Games.

If the issue persist, please submit a ticket to customer service with the information requested in the previous link.

I wll keep an eye on this thread if you need further assistance!!


i have now tried the troubleshooting steps listed in the link, i still get the same error message when trying to switch the server to Central Europe.

Hi @ccsonne1999,

I am sorry to read the troubleshooting didn’t work, the next step will be submit a ticket with the information requested in the previous link, so they can further investigate your case.

After that stay in contact with them to try to fix this error message.