Characters in Stronghold won't stay sitting down since patch

Since the last patch, I keep finding some (not all!) characters in my Stronghold standing up when they should be sitting down on chairs. Even after placing them to sit down again and saving, once I leave my Stronghold and return they’ll be standing next to their chairs again. It’s always the same ones affected.

Please fix.

I have tried removing both the chair and the NPC, saving, leaving the Stronghold and returning and placing them back, but once I leave and return the bug is still happening. The strange thing is that some of my characters in my Stronghold are not affected at all and remain seated, but others keep standing up.

In case it’s relevant at all, here are the affected NPCs:
Morina, Nabi, Thunder, Blackfang and my main character (sorceress).

Characters that I have placed and seated in my Stronghold but that are not affected by this bug:
Daybreaker Javern, my Deathblade alt and my Artillerist alt.

Welcome to the community, Kiriona Thank you for reporting this!

Someone else was having a similar issue :thinking: . I’ve sent it over to the development team but I thank you for providing extra information about this!

Someone else said it was the chair (temporary chair?) that did this.

Thank you! I can’t believe I didn’t catch that, but all my affected characters were indeed seated on the stools (“Temporary Chair”).

You cant make NPC’s sit on benches so the only way to make them sit is to use those temporary chairs and aligning it with the benches to make NPC’s look like they’re sitting on benches.

@Centeotl if possible ask the devs why NPC’s can’t sit on benches.