Characters on Server Asta still missing?

All my 3 Chars i played during 3 Day Headstart are missing on the Server Asta and i can’t even create new one becasue of the character creation limit, I already redeemed my plat founder pack on these chars…

last tweet on this topic was: We have confirmed that no characters are missing. All characters created will be present upon logging in.

so what is happening and where is my stuff?

Hello! @Knucki

I hope you are doing amazing today!

I’m sorry for issue in which you are not able to see your characters. Can you provide me with the name of your characters so I can do some research on this?

Also have you try to exit the game and steam and log back in to check if they are still missing?

Yes i already did that because i went to sleep 6h ago… so pc steam and game is freshly started. Charnames are: Knucki,Knucksi,Knucky Server:Asta


Same for me on server CALVASUS :

  • MadyBZH
  • MadyBreizh

My caracters are missing.
I can create a new one on CALVASUS but can’t see those listed !!!

Hi @Dim

I am writing you this because I saw you replied to this post. I am having the same issue in NA East Kharmine server. I have made a post in the forum Missing Character/ NA East/ Kharmine a little over 2 hours ago.

I am sorry but I am a bit frustrated as to no one reply to my post yet, whereas the other post was responded within minutes…and I waited 47mins for live chat support.

Please advice me with any update. Literally anything will do, at least I know my issue is being looked into.

Thank you!

Sorry for hijacking your post OP

same here

server is Shandi
character name Derkdiggler

I just check on your characters @Knucki and @MadyBZH , your characters seem to be there, there are not delete. Can you try verifying the integrity of the game files?

To verify the integrity of the game files, steps to do it will be on the link below:

If you can confirm with me here if after verifying the game files you are able to see or not the character will be great!

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Hello! @Lokanc

I’m sorry that your post has not been address yet, can you confirm with me if you were able to make the report with the live channel representative on this issue?

Thanks for you answer.
I’ve done the integrity check already several times and it’s still the same.

after i verify everything is back to normal… started the game and all 3 chars are back thanks alot Dim

It seems to work again.

Thanks !


I am not sure if a report was made. The support only told me I need to wait at least 24-48 hours. Attached please find the screen cap of the chat log that i saved.

Hello @derk4316

I hope you are doing great!

I just check on your character and it seems to be still there so if you can verify the integrity of the game files and let me know

Thanks for the information @Lokanc

Can you provide me with your character name and server so I can take a look to confirm if you are experiencing the same issue?

Hello, @Dim can you please also check my character who is also not showing up? Append on server Sasha, NA East.

i just finished verifying files and booted game up but it still doesnt show up. thank you for your response. i did talk to the live support and they left a feedback ticket for me apparently. not sure if there is anything else i should do. i will try restarting the computer and doing another recheck


I asked my buddy and see if I am still on their friend list, and I am. So i validated the integrity of the game. 1 file was failed and steam auto reacquire it and updated. I have my character back.

Thanks a lot for the help!

Hello everyone!

As recommended if you are not seen you character please exit the game and verify the game files, steps to do it will be on the link below:

If after verifying the game files the issue persist, restart the PC and open steam as admin and relaunch the game.

If the issue persist after that please contact a representative from the live channels to create the correct report on the specific case.

Contact Us

Have an amazing day everyone!

the shandi server still wont let me in even after a full restart and another integrity verification it says i cant create a character there and still shows that i do not have one. i guess i will wait for the response from my help ticket. thank you for your time unless you have another idea