Characters server randomly changed

After waiting 2 hours on Kadan servers queue, finally was able to login and create a character. However my game got crashed mid-dungeon. After relogging to the game I realized my character was on Slen server for whatever reason. Not even just me but a friend also had the same problem. Hopefully there’ll be character transfers for whoever got the same problem.

Please submit this to support so the team can investigate your account: Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games

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Hi! Same here, I selected Kadan and retried to log after it timed me out a few times, waited for the 9k queue, played a couple of hours, and this morning I was surprised to see my character is on some random French server I never heard of or seen before. Submitted a ticket but after 6 hours the answer fails to find its way back. Shame!

I created 2 characters on Sceptrum server this morning to play with my mate. completed tutorial. left and when i came back both characters are on Sien server and Sceptrum was locked for creating characters. I have already left Zimmerdale due to queues and now got moved servers to a random one i didnt log into