Characters Stuck on Nameless Valley

Unable to login to characters that was bifrosted to Nameless Valley for Una dailies (Berserker and Sorceress)

Server NAW - Shandi

Edit 1 - Just to add information, i did the file verifications on steam 3 times total still wont solve this issue. Restarted modem/router/PC in case you’re wondering.

Hey there @Poporing.

Let me help you with that. I will move your characters to a safe area, this might solve the problem.

Just log off the game while I work on this, I’ll let you know once your characters were moved. :wink:

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theres another concern regarding this bug, will it be the same for the other characters if i decided to do una on them at nameless Valley? at first i thought only a certain location on the map was bug when my berserker was bifrosted there. Now that my sorceress is stuck aswell, im worried.
Edit 1: for your information, my sorceress used tripod to go there, and met its fate

Thanks for the details, I appreciate that.

I moved both of your characters, so lets try this:

Verify the integrity of the game files, just to discard that one of the local files is causing this issue. I know you’ve done it already, but do it just once more now that I moved your characters from here. If you get stuck again I’ll move you, no worries. n.n

Once that’s done try to go to the area where you’re getting stuck and we’ll see if this solved it. Let me know how this goes, and thanks for your patience. :wink:

Me too,1 of my characters can’t connect to the game,server(rethramis)character name ( Icefei),Pls help

Hey @363069283!

I moved your character, use the file verification tool from Steam that’s some comments above and then try to reconnect to the game with that stuck character. :wink:

Thank you so much,man I love you !

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ok sir, still the same problem. Will disconnect the moment I tried to connect to nameless valley then the same error pop up. Now the berserker is stuck there please help. Oh and i re-verified the steam files too and this problem still persists.

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I moved your character again. Lets prevent accessing that area for now. Check if you can triport or go to other areas without getting stuck. Also, contact us via live chat so this can be escalated in order to correct it.

Man, I can’t connect again. I don’t know why…server(rethramis)character name ( Icefei),Pls help

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Sure thing, sorry to know this keeps happening.

I moved your character again, you should be good to go now.

Great, man thank you so much ! love you

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I had never recieved this much love here. :blush: :rofl:

Take care and let me know if I can help you with anything else!

Just an update: the problem suddenly fixed by itself, just tested going back to nameless valley and everything is smooth sailing. Thanks for the help @Santoryu . Luv ya too :"D

Hey hey, @Poporing!

I’m glad to know everything is working as intended now, and thanks for the patience with us as well!

Sending Tons of love and good vibes to all of you, we’re more than happy to be here and help y’all as much as we can!

Tag me if you need anything else! :smiley: