Charather Names Should Have One Space Allowed

Since whole region has unique names, its hard to name new chars. Would be nice if you could have one space for name + surname (ie; Roxy Rox), that way, many more new names.

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speaking of unique names, i would ban unique letters.

How are u gonna whisper someone whose nick is like this : Gáňdůlf - for example.

You cant. That shouldnt be allowed

In eu, some countrys have special letters, and without them, there would be even less names. But a space would resolve this by giving you way more freedom with naming.

Also when whispering you should get suggestions if that person is on your recent list or so, ie if youd write “G”, it would open a tab with those nicks beginnig with letter G.

good luck xD
my nick in wow is Rhäellä (here too on a alt xd) and ppl couldn’t type sometimes.

i got my own name using that trick (Agathä)

In wow, names are Server unique, not region. Thats why in cross server instances you have “name-servername”.

This basically opens up more problems in general especially with bots. Players alrdy has symbol characters on top of their letters making it hard to find them on search and etc.

Why would that be a bot problem? Bots already name whatever they find on keyboard. A space wouldnt change a thing for them.

By giving them more options to fool you they are real players? You know there are bots with actuall names and responds back? Sheesh.

I havent been whispered by a bot for months now… And how does a bot fool you exactly?

yes spaces and a second capitol letter is all i ask for when creating a new character its like a 5-10 min process for the actual customization and like 25+ minutes trying to think of a name that isnt taken

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If it was for me, add space, numbers, caps, symbols and whatever you want to make your name as you prefer.

This would also allow euw to merge into euc.

Fair if 2 people had same name, roll 100 would decide it and loser would get free “name change” token. Maybe euc should have +10 or so on its roll because it was there first…

Free tokens for people whod have to change names would be cheaper than running 2 servers in a dying region.