Charcter Stuck in Haiger's Manor

My charcter is stuck in loading screen for Haiger’s Manor
it seems to be a common problem that many people ran into and it is solved when a GM moves the charcter to another spot

I would like help please to move it to another spot and also would like to know if it would be safe to attempt Haiger’s Manor again?

Charcter Name: Warmonker
Sever: EU Central, Brelshaza

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I am also stuck on this. Character: Billmaher Laden NA server. My friends are on this server so if you can fix without moving me that would be great

Pareil pour moi EU central, calvasus nom du perso Zahla merci de me débloquer

Hey my character is also stuck in the same spot.

Character name: Budgetbug

Server name: Akkan