Charge 29.99 for Lost Ark

How about charging NEW accounts for the game and giving every player with a steam account over a year old 5 or 10 copies to hand out? Or something along those lines.

It might not completely stop the botting but it may significantly lower the number.

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I am not against this idea or something close to it. We have to fight Skynet somehow.


f2p game
charge 29.99

Also people will be selling their codes for cheaper if u hand em for free and botters will buy these cheap codes

So its no use and only harm players who might be interested to play

And yes, there are bots in game where u need to pay $, such as FF14

They ll still make profits from gold selling, gold might be more expensive to compensate, but still cheap enough to be worth for the RMTers

(Also that ll kill South America server lol if you ask for 29.99 USD)

HA! :rofl:

Im not gonna pay 30 bucks anymore when ive been playing from the launch and invested more than that in it

Why would tou pay 30 bucks? You already have an established account.


Gold buyers have arrived.

It won’t help anything.

Bots use fake credit cards, farm stuff until account is banned, rinse and repeat.

It doesn’t stop goldsellers from making bots
They will only get more expensive and gold will still be cheaper than using currency exchange ingame so whales will buy it.
But you will also eliminate even more new players from joining

Better if SGAGS would make currency exchange gold cheaper than botted gold
Only then would demand actually go down

New World cost $39.99 and was full of bots.

I’m aware. I know it won’t completely fix it but it could have an impact and at least the devs would get paid if they make the bots pay.

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the only thing it changes is the how much the game makes, having to pay for a game doesnt stop people from botting.

I’m okay with the game making more. I don’t care for theft and that’s exactly whats going on.

you’re missing the point that paying for the game wont stop botters. so long as there is money to be made they will be here. IMO the best way is to punish those who chose to RMT. The less people buying from the bots the less they make.

It will hinder some of the bots. Many players are making accounts and running infinite chaos as well.

It will also force the bots to share their profit with the devs while also increasing gold prices for the gold buying scum.

It’s as good as the VPN ban imo.

Also was horrible game :joy:

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Oh, boy, it was! :rofl:

Well, we agree on something. Lol