Chargeback Ban - need help


So yesterday I made a second steam account so I could purchase the Omen horse for a second time.

I then sent the Box to my main account. Shortly after steam decided to flag my account for fraudulent activity (I assume a brand new account spending money on in game trades instantly is a automatic flag?)

To make things worse they then imposed a refund to my PayPal.

I have contacted support on steam and explained it’s me but no response. Very concerned now that my main account will be banned.

Can I have some reply?

Yeah probably they decided to give you refund accidently xd
if you try to scam game, game will bans you dude


Unfortunately we are not able to help you out nor debate since your case is fully handled from a different team, just remember that if by any chance you or your friend did something that falls into the category and that breaks the [Code of Conduct]( ]) and/ or Naming Policy, If that if case, then you will be able to submit a web ticket here: Appeal a ban

Sadly, apart from what I shared with you, we are not able to further discuss your issue.

I hope this information granted has been provided you gives a great and helpful insight.

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