Charm Bar Vykas

Any other supports here have issues with the charm bar in G3? Really makes it a pain trying to find HP bars.

Anyone know of a way to make it smaller or something?

Edit: I play Bard

I never used ally HP bars, I look to the left side in party menu.


What about positioning the heal over everyone? Does it not make it frustrating when you are trying to find them with all the charm bars in the way?

I have other party names and bars off during raids but it still takes a split second longer to find them.

Oh sorry, I’m playing a paladin, no such thing as aiming your support skills.

Ah sorry that makes sense, I should’ve mentioned that I was playing Bard

Yeah, it would be better if we could turn off the names and bars of people not in the party, or give some kind of outline to party members for visual clarity.

i put my party bar at the bottom, so very easy to see for me

There is. Controls and Display allows you to hide HP bars and Name Tags allow you to hide names. I use both and it still kind of sucks, definitely like the outline idea for sure.

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