Charming Instinct Set Questions

Does anyone know what the vulnerability debuff is and its duration? Does it apply to all incoming damage of the specified element?

Does lightning fury proc count as electricity for purposes of the debuff?

The 6-piece set bonus states that at 20 stacks you get amplify causing a 100 or 120% increase in fire and electrical damage. Is this to all damage of that type you do or just the proc from the 2-piece and 4-piece bonus?

It only increases dmg of procs. Doesn’t increase your character’s flame-lightning skills damage.

Thanks for the reply. Any insight into the mechanics of the set bonuses you could provide would be appreciated.

2 set bonus only has Lightning Attack. It has 0.5 sec cooldown per monster. This hit applies 5 seconds Flame Vulnerability debuff on mob. Each time a flame attack procs from 4 set bonus hits the mob while debuff is active, mob will get hit by extra lightning attack proc. This extra lightning attack proc can’t apply debuff if its triggered because of vulnerability debuff. But it counts as a hit and has a chance to trigger flame/lightning attack that can apply vulnerability debuff.

4 set bonus only has Flame Attack. It has 0.5 sec cooldown per mob. This hit applies 5 seconds Flame Vulnerability debuff on mob. Each time a lightning attack procs from 2 set bonus hits the mob while debuff is active, mob will get hit by extra flame attack proc. This extra flame attack proc can’t apply debuff if its triggered because of vulnerability debuff. But it counts as a hit and has a chance to trigger flame/lightning attack that can apply vulnerability debuff.

6 set bonus: Each time a mob gets hit by lightning or flame attack procs you gain 1 stack. More enemies you hit, more times you hit makes you get stacks faster. After you reach 30 stacks lightning and flame procs from set will deal double dmg.

2 set only Lightning procs, vulnerability effect of 2 set doesn’t work until you get 4 set bonus.
4 set Flame + Lightning procs can cause multiple extra Flame/Lightning procs Vulnerability.
6 set after 30 procs you gain a buff that doubles damage of set procs. Doesn’t increase your character’s skill damages.

Proc damage has a fixed formula and it is affected by your Attack Power, Crit Rate, Crit Dmg, Flat Dmg increase buffs. Engravings like Cursed Doll - Grudge - Keen Blunt - Adrenaline etc. works. Berserker, Sorceress, Gunslinger, Wardancer synergies increases your proc damage since you gain Attack Power, Crit Rate, Crit Dmg, Flat Dmg increase buffs from those synergies. Heavenly Tune etc. sup Attack Power increase buffs also works. (Bards takes this since it increases proc dmg and solve mana issues.)

But directional dmg increase engravings, synergies doesn’t increase proc damage. Hit Master engraving doesn’t increase damage of procs because it’s counted as directional damage engraving and it’s not used together with Charming Set. Gunlancer - Deathblade’s has %9 head/back attack dmg and %3 all dmg increase. %9 dmg increase doesn’t increase set proc dmg. But %3 all dmg increase does. Also gunlancer armor reduction debuff on mob will also work.

Flat damage increase - Crit rate increase card sets works. Like Lostwind Cliff set, Light of Salvation set (even though element changes to Light it doesn’t decrease set damage procs and instead increases it.)

Charming set attacks has a certain chance to proc per hit. More hits you have, more procs you will have. That’s why you use skills that have too many hits and take tripods that increases skill hit count.

You must continiously attack and apply as many hits you can on enemies all the time to keep uptime on procs.

Proc attacks can cause more proc attacks.
Bleed Rune - DoT effects might cause procs too. Haven’t tested this.

Proc attacks happens as small AoE attacks. More mobs inside it, less dmg it deals. Damage can reduced to 20% at most and can’t get lower than 20%. I am not sure how much reduction it applies per mob it hits.

For example
Against boss it deals 1m dmg per proc when there are no other mobs around.
If proc aoe hits 2 mobs at the same time it deals 800k dmg to both mobs.
If proc aoe hits 5 mobs at the same time it deals 200k dmg to per mob.
If proc aoe hits 20 mobs at the same time it will still deal 200k dmg to per mob.
It can deal 1m to single mob, 500k per mob to 2 mobs, 250k per mob to 4 mobs etc.

I hit mob with a single basic attack
This triggered lightning attack and applied 5 sec Flame Vulnerability debuff. This lightning attack proc counts as a hit and has a chance to trigger 2 or 4 set attack proc.

  1. If that lightning attack procs a flame attack, this flame attack hits twice because of vulnerability. First flame attack hit changes Flame Vulnerability debuff to Lightning Vulnerability debuff. Second flame attack deals damage but doesn’t refresh debuff duration. First flame attack from set bonus and 2nd flame attack from Flame Vulnerability counts as 2 seperate hits total and both has a chance trigger 2-4 set attack procs.
  2. If that lightning attack procs a lightning attack, that proc refreshes 5 sec Flame Vulnerability debuff and has a chance to cause another Flame/Lightning Attack proc
  3. If that lightning attack doesn’t proc another attack, it stops set attack procs caused by set attacks itself and you need to hit mob again.

Because of this you might trigger 0 or infinite procs with each hit. You repeatedly hit boss with fast multiple attack skills. Your attacks causes procs, procs can cause more procs…

What about LoS 18 set? Does it ruin it because the damage is turned into Light?

*EDIT: Light of Salvation set indeed does work. Tried it at Trixion. It increases dps of skills and set procs. Seems like dmg type change to light element happens as last step in damage formula.

I don’t know. Light of Salvation might not work. Will try it at Trixion after reset and edit my comment to make sure.
But I am sure I saw DPS Bards with Charming relic set using Los 18-30 awakening in KR-RU-EU/NA

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Thank you very much for your response. Since the set isn’t meta, it has been really difficult to find information particularly with the translation issues.

My testing with Lightning Fury (LF) has confirmed that dot ticks can proc it, so my hope is that by converting to fire with dots, I can maximize procs of LF and the set. I don’t know what the set’s proc rate is, but given the 6 piece requires 30 stacks, it seems like it needs to be fairly high.

Since most of my damage will be converted to fire anyways, I plan on using the Trixion card set because it gives 14% more elemental damage while also giving a fair amount of elemental damage reduction.

To your knowledge, is there any synergy between using fire/lightning elemental attacks when you’re using the set? I’ve seen one instance of someone suggesting the set works with artillerists who have a card set that converts all damage to fire, so my hope is that there is.

Finally, is the proc similar to LF where it happens on you, or does it trigger on the mob that was hit by the triggering attack?

Thanks again for doing the hard work.

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It doesn’t convert/boost your skill damage. 6 set 30 proc effect and 2-4 set Vulnerability effect only works on proc damage. Your skill damage doesn’t increase even if you are using flame/lightning element skills. %100 dmg increase would be too op that way.

I don’t know if Trixion set works with it. People tends to use Lostwind Cliff - Light of Salvation. You can try it at Trixion Proving Grounds on dummy.

Procs are on mob and can’t miss mob.
Reaching 30 stacks takes really short.

At the current stage of game this set is only worth to use on DPS Bards since bard skill damage is terribly low and set deals more damage than bard. I seriously don’t recommend any other class.
In the past it was used on Wardancers at KR but no one uses it anymore. Using this set on anything other than Bard is considered trolling if you compare the damage difference of other Relic sets for other classes.

I understand that the set doesn’t convert the damage type, I was doing that through tripods. I just didn’t know fire/lightning damage would interact, if at all, with the set. The current in-game description is this:

On successful hit, gain a chance to trigger an Electric Attack, which applies Flame Vulnerability. (Cooldown: 0.5s)
This damage decreases by up to 80% when striking multiple foes.
Flame Vulnerability: + additional Flame Damage when dealing Flame Damage. This additional Flame Damage does not give Electric Vulnerability.

I just didn’t know what the flame vulnerability counted as flame damage. Thanks again for your time to explain these things.

When Flame Vulnerability effect triggers from a lightning attack, it triggers an extra flame damage proc. This extra proc doesn’t give Lightning Vulnerability(Meaning can’t trigger another proc)

Let’s say it like this.
You have a fire/flame skill that hits 1m
Proc deals 1m without vulnerability.
You skill will continue to hit 1m even if there is a Flame/Lightning Vulnerability it doesn’t matter.

Lightning proc dealt 1m damage, activated Flame Vulnerability proc and hit 1m again
Flame proc dealt 1m damage, activated Lightning Vulnerability proc and hit 1m again

30 stack 100% dmg boost triggered the set buff.
Your fire/flame skills will continue to hit 1m
Lightning/Flame procs and extra Vulnerability procs will deal 2m damage per hit.

Because of this reason only Bard can get full effectivenes from this set. Because bard skill damage is terrible. Most skills hits 10s of times with terribly low damage numbers in couple of seconds and you can spam those skills since cooldowns are pretty short.

Understood. Thank you again for taking the time to explain it. I was trying to do something that would be good enough while being off-meta, so it’s good to know how this set works.

Tried to explain how 2-4 set procs and Vulnerability debuff works on my first comment in detail by editing it. Check it again. I hope you can understand it. Tried my best to explain with my current English knowledge.

I do understand it. Thank you again for taking the time to explain it. You are a credit to the Lost Ark community. Much appreciated.