Chars Gone pls Help

I did not log in for months and wanted to come back to lost ark, now i have to see all my chars are Gone. My Steam name is Hamark3 and my Main char was called Harnik.

on server screen u should be lead to a server that has your characters. on that server u should be able to see an icon bottom right restore characters/character storage (i dont remember).

after u restore u should be able to see your universal storage when u Press ESC

all your items should be there

this happens when your old server got merged

Are you on the right server region? If you reinstalled it may put you into the wrong region.
Maybe u played on a server that was merged in that case look up what it´s name is now and there should be a window “character inventory” maybe they got put there.

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I can understand that you are back to the game after couple of months, and yes, as @Power_byCat mentioned, there must have been server merges from time to time, and I’d like to suggest looking at your Universal Character Storage. Because, it can permanently store characters, and you will be able to move your characters in and out of this storage space freely.

However, this does not include the characters that were deleted. This will be the result of server merges that end up in this storage.

Please check if you’re able to find them.

In case, if you were unable to find the characters yet and in order for our team to investigate, we’ll need you to contact us through the Amazon Games Support website, you can do so in the following link:

I hope this helps.
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P.S: Thanks to @Power_byCat and @Grimmsword for the inputs given and helping out the community.

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thanks, it did work

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Thats great! ★
Thanks for confirming.

Hence, marking @Power_byCat’s post as a solution for this topic.