Chat box disappeared on one Alt

Server = Ladon
Character = Giggen

This character has lost the chat box. It does appear on all my Main and other Alts.

I try hitting the Enter Key but that does not do anything.

Thought maybe it is minimized but dont see anything to unminimize. Could it have moved under my skillbars? No idea how to force it back.

Hello @Geewhiz, I hope you’re doing well!

It seems that your chat box is minimized, it is to the right of your awakening skill, you can maximize it by clicking the gray button on the right of the chat box.

If you can’t click it, you can also reset the position of the chat box by going into the Settings menu > Community > Chat, once here you can change any settings to enable the “Reset” button in the top right corner of the menu if you’re using the default settings, this should bring the chat box back to its original position.

Hope this information helps you, I’ll be monitoring this post for your reply in case it doesn’t.

Have a nice day in Arkesia!

Thank you this worked!