Chat can be disabled

As u probably the chat is a bit buggy at the moment and a bit weird for instance it cencores “<3”
in the chat it will apear as “**” and probably more that i havn’t all found and not gonna list but what im getting at is when u write “<-3” in the ingame chat, it turns out to be " " just nothing, for me it would say "Blackpulse : " and then whatever u put into the chat after will only apear over ur head and not in the chat same for the others so no one has a chat anymore and u can only comunicate with the bubbles over your head wich is not so nice when ure trying to talk about mechanics with ur group.

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I also noticed the emote


for frustration now gets printed only as


Perhaps some kind of code is running on the chat in an attempt to curb spammers, and it’s viewing the triangle brackets as part of a tag.

Same problem here, I tried multiple times to send >w< as a cute face and kept getting chat blocked with no text shown with my party or guild members but the chat bubble.

Edit: Also people who were in my party and guild could no longer type back to me either so it completely disabled the chat for everyone trying to both send and read messages. Seems like this could be a big issue