Chat censorship removal option

Are there any plans to add an option to remove chat censorship? It’s becoming basically impossibile to speak, I can get a broken censorship like this (it censors A LOT of common words in my motherlanguage — or any other, tbh) and I can accept it even in the global chat, but at least in Guilds and Whispers… where the hell is the problem? LOTS of players don’t use english in their private chats, so you cannot possibly achieve a filter that actually works with every language, and you so know that it’s just embarrassing, at this point. Please, do something, 'cause it’s becoming literally impossible to communicate, and I feel less and less like playing the more this keeps going on. I genuinely lose 80% of my will to play if I have to rewrite 1 message every 3 I send to my friends.

I mean, I cannot even say “POO” in my language?? LOL, not to speak about lots of common words which aren’t even profane from any pov, like food or common verbs. This is seriously embarrassing.