Chat censorship

What the hells is happening with the chat censorship?

I can’t even communicate with my guildmates properly, because every time I type in a full sentence it BLOCKS it and I just get a yellow warning.

Just this morning I was trying to tell my guildmates I won’t be playing during the day for the next 2 days because I’ll have no power, and will have to game after my afternoon shift during the night, and sleep in the mornings when I’m without power anyway.

In the end I had to literally post it word by word because any time I typed a full sentence, I’d get “YOUR MESSAGE CONTAINS AND INAPPROPRIATE WORD OR PHRASE.”

Well if the engine thinks that, why won’t it effin tell me what it even considers inappropriate, so I don’t have to retype the whole message 14 times and still not being any wiser… because it sure as heck doesn’t block profanities, as we seem to be able to write just about anything.

SO WHAT THE HELLS IS MARKED “INAPPROPRIATE” so we can know and avoid that?
I’t so annoying that we’ll probably not be using ingame chat at all and just use Discord. This is madness, really.


They already stated that the chat filters are quite sensitive and they‘re working on it.

Add it to the „patience“ things currently happening.

I understand that you might want to implement such forced censorship under some circumstances in general chats, but guild? Oh please, that is such a closed group of people and censoring chat there is just authoritarian, assuming you can’t turn it off.

My goto character name in any game is “Loki Livewire”. But not in LA! Can’t use a space, hyphen or underscore. Felt that was a bit weird and constraining for no reason.

And now I’m in a guild I see even more constraints. *smh things in place in this game I just don’t understand.

Worst filter I’ve ever seen in my gaming experience, I cannot say tens or prolly even hundreds of super common, non-profane words in my own language.

Not even in my 2-players guild I created with my mate, nor in FRIENDS’ WHISPERS. Jesus guys lmao