Chat filter is getting out of hand

Trying to type “Watch the timer, back off if we’re about to win” after a lost pvp match and I get hit by “Your message contains an inappropriate word or phrase”.

Make the filter optional, wtf. I’m not even saying anything remotely bad and it’s constantly filtering out things I say, it’s a 50/50 on my message actually being read, and I don’t even know what’s wrong with it.

Really really annoying



how is “TIMER” a censored word

Idk but that’s the only logical thing

The word group got censored on me today. People thought I was swearing at them so I had to use the short form ‘grp’

Ahhh reminds me of the 4 and a half years i spent living in china

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Try Russia

“im alone on adds” got censored in abyss
“1x help me kill & i help you” was forbidden as a title for my guardian raid
“panties” gets censored

its really ridicolous and i have been complaining about this basically since the first week