Chat filter way to sensitive, cencors normal swedish words even in private chats

The chat cencors regular swedish words for example, “fick” witch means “I got” and there are many more swedish words that go missing in chat. Hope you will fine tune it more or give us the option to turn it off. And if there is a way to turn it off I have not found it!

jag fick ficklampa. in swedish that means you got a flashlight. in german it means…you do naughty things to a naughty light.

There should be an option to turn it off, plain and simple.

Strange that options like this, or being able to see local time instead of server time, are not implemented in such an otherwise high-quality game.

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It censors map pins too. LOL :laughing:

I think it’s funny that they even censor the chat to begin with considering it has a Mature rating.

All other games that have chat, usually have a profanity filter you can toggle on and off.

They don’t want people to see curse words in chat, but the amount of gore is totally ok.