Chat window filter not working properly

The default chat window is not working properly.
I’ve setup separate widows to redirect some more important msgs so I don’t get over run by the bot spams when I’m in party with others, or when people whisper me when I’m afk, I will be able to catch up when I return. Most of the time I still use the default window to follow area chat and get spammed by the bots.
My friend msg me on wechat saying I’m not responding in game while I was actually reading the spam chat in past few mins. After carefully observing I noticed the default window is not displaying a lot of the msgs even though I’ve set everything to show in the default window.
I tried disabling all of them then enabling again to reset the options. It worked yesterday but not anymore. I mean supposedly I could turn on notification on other tabs to monitor whispers and party chats but some channels appear on multiple of the tabs which will leave me with notifications everywhere.