Chat Window not showing guild chat and not working properly

Am I missing something? I cannot reset my chat tab settings and even when I try to it does not save nor works properly.

Thx in advance.


Hi there, Kborealis.

Have you changed any setting prior to this happening?

me and my brother are having the same issue, but my wife’s can see it. And just guild chat, others are working (party, raid etc)

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I have the same issue as well.
After the patch all my settings were changed (e.g. chat, UI, audio)

Both Guild and Guild Group boxes are checked but I don’t see guild chat, even though I could see the chat bubble

Yes, I have created new tabs and then it started to happen.

Having same issue. was trying to turn off the spam items drops and xp flooding the chat tabs and then it just broke.

I’ve search previous threads and tried methods with no luck. Deleting and making new tabs. Unchecking everything… checking everything… different characters… chat filtering checked and uncheck… One by one adding and substracting chat options, only guild chat is broken since the patch launch. Its been two days and I can’t organize with guildmates to run content. What ever i type starts in the chat window, but after I sent, it disappears. They receive messages, but I cant see my messages once sent or what they stay. I still get notifications of guildies logging in and out. Hoping you find an answer.


That’s exactly what I’m experiencing. Hope you can have it solved as well.

seems like the guild chat issue is the newest trending bug. no fix i could find atm. might have to wait till next patch day… ive had to type blindly into the guild chats… set up the global chat and chat thru discords to maintain sanity.

This issue has happened to multiple other players. The development team have been made aware and are looking into it.


Thank you for letting us know you’re having this issue as well!

We created a guild group and used that as a work around so we can talk to our guildmates. But this is just a temporary fix.

I’m having the same issue. At first, guild chat was not working on “Normal” chat, but it was working on my custom chat box. When I changed a setting in my custom chat box, the guild chat stopped showing up. Now I can’t get it to come back no matter what I try. It is the same on all my characters.

Whatever they did for maint last night didn’t do anything for this guild chat bug.

My Normal chat box has all correct settings (e.g, guild chat and guild group enabled) but still same issue.

Nothing I type goes into guild chat. As others above, briefly see in bubble above char head my msg, but no sending or receiving of guild messages.

Also - same as ppl above, after update my chat settings all got reverted to default (e.g, exp msg spam in Normal chat tab). So I changed few settings (turned off exp spam in Normal and System chat window) and same as other ppl, after making change can no longer see guild chat and redoing settings makes no diff.

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, bubblewrapp.

Thanks a bunch for letting us know you’re facing this issue as well. The team is looking into it.

Just to confirm this is reproducable for everyone, and to post a workaround until its fixed - if your guild creates / joins a Guild Group chat you can switch to use that instead of Guild chat until this issue is fixed.

edit: ah this workaround was already posted in thread, didnt read

yup, do anything to a Chat tab, and the green text of Guild Chat disappears. I have tried several things to try and get it back. All failed.

Did the workaround work for you?

Same problem here.

Also if you disable language filter, it also filters out posts of people in raid chat it seems. I guess it’s due to if a player plays the game in “french” p.e. and you disable “french” language filter you can’t read his messages anymore in a raid/group environment too.

Our guild is also having this problem. It happened when the devs sought to “improve” the chat settings with the most recent update. They renamed a number of checkboxes and re-enabled loot/XP parsing to chat. Please stop breaking things with your “improvements.”

Very strange, thanks for that extra bit of information.