Cheap engraving for gunlancer build for ALT? awakening?

hello i plan to use awakening in my accesory for my ALT gunlancer since its cheap

it is good? because sometimes bos hit so hard that deplete your shield metter, so i can just awake to get back to full

or any other choice for accesory?

strong will? heavy armor? master of escape?

You should only go dps engravings… the shield issue will go away with high spec
Combat reddiness 1
Barricade 3
Then grudge or stabalised status 3

so hit master?

Are you playing red or blue?

Depends what build of gunlancer you are going for. If you are going combat readiness and want shield gain, make sure to prioritize the specialization stat. It might be an idea to learn how to notice and dodge big hits. Are you using the shout of hatred for shield gain? Are you using Nellasia’s Energy to offset the times you need more shield and are out of identity gauge shield?

Blue = Barricade
Red = Super Charge

I found this quite helpful:

Hit Master works on skills that don’t have a positionals (Front or Back Attack) in their skill text. Gunlancer has too many front attack skills to make Hit Master viable if you are going Lonely Knight/Red Gunlancer.

i am blue, both my highest dps skill dont have any frontal atk:

shield charge
guardian thunder bolt
leap attack

disrespect to legendary books and maxed out with a cheap necklace +3 disrespect 100% quality with spec/crit

rest balance out with stone/accesories/engrave slot to acomodate combat readi lvl 1, barricade 3, stabilized 3, then once you get mode money you can swap disrrespect with adrenaline.

you gotta learn how to administrate your shield better, you can generate also with shield charge while you are not being focused.

thx i dont think i will upgrade to adrenaline, its too expensive for alt lol

im thinking hitmaster or like u said disrespect

If you’re playing blue Stabilized Status is quite cheap since blue lancers are just about the only class and build that can make good use of it. Barricade isn’t too expensive but both build use it.

I’m not keen on the Lv 1 Combat Reediness personally. Esp if you’re running Grudge. I get the DPS on paper but you lose more than 50% of your shield bonus so it’s like playing a goofy Red.

HitMaster is okay but it’s not cheap and you’ll end up replacing it.
It goes without saying for a Blue, Cursed Doll is pretty much free damage. but not cheap.

Ability stone first before accessories, I know you want it to be cheap, but it will save you in the long run

For blue, Barricade and Stabilized Status are what you want to start with after class engraving.

Your shield doesn’t drain as fast as red, but you should still keep it turned off when the boss isn’t attacking you and not casting Leap/Thunderbolt. Shield Charge will always have Barricade’s boost on, and Nellasia can enable it for other skills too. Watch which hits drain your shield meter the most and prioritize dodging those instead of trying to tank them. It lets you ignore small hits, you can’t just ignore mechanics entirely.

Grudge, because grudge is possible run for every dps in game, barricade and your class engraving lvl 1 or 3

I’ve taken to using Wide Hit on Shield Charge.
I’m just sick of a boss using a skill and flying through them for a massive DPS loss.
You literally run right through them. It’s infuriating.

Yeah, I’ve had that happen a bunch on the more “hoppy” bosses like Igrexion. Gets especially annoying if the boss was up against a wall since you’re either stuck against it too afterwards or everyone else is losing back attacks.

Wide hit is the way to go… It feels so much Better… You should Always have your Z activated anyways.

??? wth is wide hit?

hit master?

You can keep your shield going during your rotation, but there’s no reason to run the meter when you’re waiting for CDs and you’re not being targeted.

Thats the second tripod for shield charge