Cheat away apparently?

Game has already acknowledged it doesn’t do much to anyone who buys third party, if anything. Was randomly invited to a guild tonight that is just botting / scripting? chaos dungeon runs endlessly with players that are asleep…


They aren’t in the same one, they move to town and out like clockwork

server is galatur and i mentioned it to the leader but they kicked me when i said i wasnt okay with it. Please deal with them.

I’ve seen this before, there are several players in my alt Guilds who are always doing Chaos when I log, no matter the time of day.

They are very high item level and don’t contribute to the Guild either.

Cheating seems to be out of control, maybe we should all just quit and let the botters/RMTers remain.

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Yea i would love to with my rng, but i have bought the packs at the start I did and there are no other decent rpg/ mmos right now

but its already going that direction, just like diablo “immoral” will lol

A lot of people leave and re enter for chaos cause it lets you get more mats by running 2nd floor faster

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there are 1/3 or more of normal players that are botting endless chaos to push ilevel.

They are asleep, others in the guild on discord said as much… Those 3 go back to town and then re-enter after a moment separately

Mod needs to show up and give me back my free time to join a new guild after that guild of cheaters.

They aren’t going to do anything here. People were posting someone live-streaming their endless bot and it took over a month and hundreds of replies/reports.

These guys aren’t that high of an ilvl and they already made the mats roster bound

it’s quite normal and nothing is being done or will be done, the game will die in a month or two, just like NW due to breaking bugs/bots/rmt

Report them, ill do the same, everyone should do the same, lets do it before AGS delete this post.

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NW wasn’t p2w or anything, just a major content issue and, personally, I left after they messed up mage again

They wont do anything, us legit players are expected to grind dailies on 6 characters while these botters get to bot chaos dungeons its laughable.

AGS have the logs, if you report them Ags actually ban i can confirm that but if no report = never ban

they can indeed ban and they have the logs but they don’t check individually, it’s just their algorithms either detect bot or not most likely. Many ppl gave up reporting as they saw same botters over and over for month or so.

Dont worry, It’s like CMs have ran away from the Game Feedback forum lately. Specifically any post regarding the botting / RMT issue.

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Request full refunds for neglect if you have spent any money on this game

Dont worry, CM’s can’t ban anyone in the game we have to report in order for them to investigate the accounts, i reported someone from my old guild he was always at chaos dung and he got perma banned like a week after