Cheaters in map sharing

There needs to be a better way to do this, and punishment for those who cheat and leave without sharing their map, stealing basically from all the rest. For example User Ogyemali took loot from 3 legendary tier 3 maps, and left. Can you at least do a temporary ban for such behaviour? This was on Procyon server.

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A fame system would work great.

Or they can make it so when you share the map with the party it dissapears from your inventory. If you leave, you lose it.

There is already a map system in KR that consumes all 4 maps of the same rarity for 1 portal (1 from each party member) and just opens a portal with 4x the rewards.

So the system exists already, just another QoL thing we are missing and will come sooner or later, most likely later.


That is already a bannable offense.

Also, new map system from KR that forces everyone to consume their maps in a single run instead of having to run 4 selarate ones, should be implemented soon.

In the Korean version there is a safety feature because it happened so often there. I don’t know why they haven’t added it yet :woman_facepalming: