Cheaters on MARI, Yanghuiverynice & Namyorusu

MARI SERVER* These two Tier 3 cheaters, shared map for chaos gate. proceed with doing two. Then the next two, i believe both were in on it, taking their time to find map, then leaves party. Do not group with these two clowns.

Screenshot 2022-04-12 053537

Your not allowed to name and shame here.

Stop grouping with randoms for maps.

How is this name and shame. I sharing this so they dont do this to the community.

make sure to report them & create tickets.

When CMs see this post they are going to remove it, it goes against TOS what you’re doing, just use the ingame report tool. They said multiple times already to not point and name other players on the forums

Also want to point out, that this entire scenario won’t be possible with the upcoming map sharing adjustments.

However, naming and shaming (witch hunting) is not permitted.
Report them in-game using the tools provided.

We [players in these community forums] rarely have enough evidence to make an informed judgment, despite your good intentions, and for anyone not on the Mari server (98% of the community forums) this entire thread is of little value.