I just had a game where my teammates appeared to know the enemy team. They were talking about “swapping next game”, etc.

They kinda just stood back not doing anything. Every time I engaged, I ended up 1 v 3. My team were nowhere to be seen. Once I pointed it out, one of them started to fight with the others, but they were always out of sight, and nobody else on either team died, as far as I’m aware.

I complained again, and my teammates said things like “no fun they hacking”, “this is high level pvp”, etc. (all while still just standing around). Basically taking the piss, telling me “get gud”.

I’m not petty like that. I can take a loss, even a thrashing. But this was clearly intentional/cooperative.

It’s well known and documented that people even as high ranking as GM resort to these shameful and underhanded tactics with impunity. AGS does not appear to be interested in sanctioning any of this ill behavior, so cheaters are free to boldly discuss their wintrading, boosting and intentional throwing activities as much as they want. A few days ago somebody told me straight up they were only playing on an alt account so they could target int people like me.

I can only imagine that is a sad and hollow existence, and I hope they grow out of whatever twisted phase they’re in soon.

Anyway, you’re not crazy, better luck avoiding these uncouth vermin in the future.

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That’s a shame :slightly_frowning_face:

Good to know I wasn’t just imagining it though. I’d hate to falsely accuse people and be a sore loser.