Check deleted characters

Hello, again! :sweat_smile:

Could you check if I have deleted a level 50+ Deathblade and restore it if exists? :innocent:

Thanks in advance! :blush:

Hey there @FunkySam

I can surely look into your account for your deleted character, please let me know the name of at least one character in your roster as well as your server and region!

Oh true, forgot to give that info! :sweat_smile:

Region: EUC
Server: Wei
Characters: Samdalf, Samvaes, Samdoc…

Alright I have found and restored your level 50 Deathblade named Samamir @FunkySam

Please log back into the game to make sure everything looks good!

See you in Arkesia!

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Everything seems to be in order! Thank you for the fast help :heavy_heart_exclamation:

C ya!