Check please for helping upgrading gear

since ive seen lot dont know what to do, all listed in document. Good luck bois


thank you very much

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honest question
i did all the islands for material but failed like 10 times from 13 to 15…
am i just really unlucky?
only gear score 570 atm

what can i do?
restart on new server?
think that ist faster than farm with chaos dungeons

I failed more than that but I didnt even start needing to do islands until i had a 15 weapon and 15 bracers with the rest at 13. The islands gave me so much materials that I literally am having to vendor 5k+ of each shard and sending at least 10k of each to roster storage that is in chests. Be sure you did all the islands and all the quests in towns that give upgrade mats. Trust me with the pity system (guaranteed upgrade after so many tries, I had to use this 3x on my last 3 pieces of gear) it is NOT faster to start new character. You will get the mats fast and like i said your sucesses are guaranteed after so many fails.

which quests in which town?!?

from all islands you never get so many shards that you can vendor 5k and put 10k in stock
i have all island tokens and only had like 2k red and 4k blue shards ?!

each quest has purple quest chains. those are rewards for it. please note that some islands need specific songs to be finished

like i wrote, i did all the islands in your list…

yes… the ones with chains absolutely rewards thousands and thousands at the end of them. I already had 5k or so of each open ready to fail upgrades and i started ending long long quest chains folling guide and the mats came flooding it. I literally thought I was done getting mats and I spent 8 hours yesterday stockpiling more and trying to finish yorn. Regardless … dont give up… pity will save your behind.

then idk what you did wrong. i didnt do single of those islands and i was 450+

islands only brought me from 510 to 570
damn rng -.-

ok i check out for the quest lines

There are actually a lot more isles for mats than in those lists or guides. But, ye it also takes a lot of time to find the others so i feel for you with your bad RNG.

just had 3 Fails from 12 to 13… 1500 blue mats gone again
honestly who invented this stupid mechanic…
frustrating 100%

i am going out of legal ways of getting mats… and i wont buy mats from ah for crystals !

TBH, you aren’t running out of legal ways - you are running out of patience - which I can perfectly undstand. Being stuck at 590 with 3 upgrades to go - and being very very unlucky.

Do you have any alts you can funnel mats from?
Have you bought mats from the Pirate ships?
Have you bought mats with “extra” materials from Chaos Dungeons?
Are you in a guild - also opportunies for weekly mats here.

Otherwise it’s just a matter of more days - and you (and hopefully I) will both get lucky. This is the way it is with “F2P” games - either be patient, or throw money at your problem.

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Don’t be upset with this mechanic. It’s one of the best I’ve seen in any MMO I’ve ever played.

At least you get to:

Keep your weapon on fail.
Increase success chance on fail.
No downgrade or reset to 0 on fail.
Success chance boost items are FARMABLE. (Seriously, you’d think people would stop complaining about the game when at least they don’t gatekeep this behind a paywall which they very well could do if they wanted to.)

Seriously, no need to talk trash about this system. It could be way worse than this. Imagine that you get a weapon to +10 and then upon failing, it’s destroyed and you have to start all over again from zero and you have to find a viable quality weapon all over again. Why are people expecting to max their gear in 1 day? It’s an MMO. Some people get lucky, some people spend tons of money. If you’re not lucky or willing to dump your paycheck into the game, just be patient and enjoy the journey. There are so many things you can do in this game while you wait for resets. Is your Adventurer’s Tome maxed? If not, you have more to do. Do you have 6 viable alts that are ready to collect gold on resets? If not, you have more to do.

Just be patient.

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