Checklist after Punika Powerpass

So I played through the main story at launch and am just coming back to the game. I’m not big on levelling or questing and really just want to skip to character progression and end game content grinding with a powerful character.

I purchased the Punika Powerpass as I read it’s more efficient than the south vern version.

Problem is, I’ve never don’t any of the post questing content and feel quite lost and overwhelmed.

Following a guide on maxroll, I know I need to hone my gear, get runes, get engravings, get cards, get gems, and probably way more.

My question, does anyone have a detailed checklist for what to do on a daily/weekly basis to get fully equipped and caught up? Something that shows specific sources, currencies, content, vendor?

Lastly, was panika a good choice or should I have done south vern?

I know I’m being pretty needy, so I greatly appreciate any links or info that anyone can provide.

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If this forum allows private messages, you can text me and I can explain some things to you. There are quiet a few things to start with and to understand, also daily/weekly content understanding.
Daily Content like

  • Chaos Dungeon (2x Daily)
  • Guardian Raids (2x Daily)
    Weekly Content like
  • Abyssal Dungeon(s)
  • Abyssal Raid
  • Legion Raids (on Higher iLvl)
  • Event Guardian raids
  • Event Abyssal dungeons

Because of the overwhelming amount of information I would like to explain some things more details in discord, if it’s allowed to ask for that in here.
I hope you will have a good start in the game. Don’t forget to enjoy the content, sometimes it can be frustrating because lost ark is known for a PvE that’s more complex in comparison to other PvE Multiplayer games /MMOs

Best regards

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I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sharing a discord id (the guild recruitment threads do it all the time) or sending a private mail (it exists) ^^.

Hey thanks! Im currently working in the CET zone, and will be able to get you my discord in about 6 hours. I really appreciate you reaching out to take the time and help me out.

***I am not against spending some gold to help me catch up quicker.

Is this an accurate and simplified representation of my checklist once I log in at 1370? I believe there are some other things I can buy to help speed it up like cards, runes, gems? I could be wrong there…

  • buy full 1340 legendary equipment in marketplace with right stats (Ive heard rumors you cant buy legendary gear in the US regions, so this might be crafting the 1340 legendary gear from the argus raid i think?)
  • buy accessories with proper engravings and right stats
  • buy ability stone with proper engravings
  • hone equipment to +17 each (1445)
  • run legion raid valtan hard for full set of relic gear (again no issues buying some gold and getting bussed)
  • hone equipment to +25 each (1575)

Concurrently, through the content you mentioned:
farm card bis
farm rune bis
farm gem bis
farm tripod bis
bracelet at 1490

It’s not detailed at all, it’s just a quick overview on what to focus in the first stage of the game to keep you onto your first steps until you get into the next stages tho. Honing is a pretty long term thing tho, itemlvl is taking some time depending on how much gold/time/cash you are willing to spend of course.

For legendary gear, 1340 is not the thing you are aiming for (idk if you mean „gear“ or „accessories“, I assume u mean gear tho)
Gear is not tradeable, only accessories are (with cost of pheon as kind of taxes)
You should reach 1375 before you get access to the market because most things on the marketplace are behind the 1375 iLvl barrier.

Gems are expensive for beginners, definitely do not recommend to buy these early. Chaos dungeons will reward you gems too, that’s the reason you should run Chaos and Guardian Raids daily if you want to catch up quickly. For weekly content I’d like to reach out via discord, but yeah in the first week(s) until 1415 you might take argos bus and abyssal busses to get you into the higher ilvl quicker.

Nevertheless you should also focus a bit on learning some mechanics of dungeons and bosses, hence I recommend the event abyssal dungeons(need to watch guides before entering there) and the guardian daily raids (which are extremely challenging at the beginning if you are not geared properly)

At 1370 you might start your first legendary accessories to get your first 2-3 max engravings, at 1415 there is relic accessories you can build 4 engravings with (even 5, but that’s a lot more expensive and not for the early stage of the game)

Hope this clarifies a bit
Best regards

Seems like you are done with information? I did not get any message yet so I assume was enough for you :smiley: