Checklist for Collectables in LoA

Dear Community,

at the moment I am working on a useable check list for everyone and would love to have some help on it. Feel free to message me privately if you want to extend it.

Check list contains a lot of things we wont have from the get go but I have no idea what is not there so I put as much as I could find into it. :smiley:

Content: (09/12/2021)

Planned Content:

  • Class Builds (WiP)

Credits to Papunika for general Infos and thanks to Saintone for the T1 Route Description

Cylers LoA Checklist (Google Docs)
Language: At the moment only english. As soon as I have a relative fine version German version is coming too.

Feel free to use by going to “File” → “Create Copy”.
That way you have it for yourself and nobody except you can do changes to it.



How do you add a checkmark on google docs? Even after you make yourself a copy…
This is only for NA/EU release and T1 content right?
Its nice but I wish someone made a script which can be imported (For free) on another website (and put a link to credit the dev). Im making a non english LA website. Its also easier to checklist on websites vs google docs but…

Left-Clicking the checkbox activates it. If you mean by adding it you can go by Insert → Checkbox.
This is not only T1 content if you have read the post :slight_smile:
And i dont know who would be up to building a website thats well… lets say using the whole papunika database for just a check list :stuck_out_tongue:

I do recommand BynnArk, available also in English, for customizable and sharable to-do lists.

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That site is only good for daily/weekly… This site is a catastrophe for big list like island hearts and so on. Thats the reason I summed it up all in one file for me.

I know, but you also have a weekly / daily sheet so…

Well why should I split it all up :smiley: love having all in one spot expect several links setup