Checkpoints when you can fail scenarios

It’s pretty frustrating to fail a scenario and have to restart it from square one. I’ve ran into this a few times where if you get discovered or if you die you have to completely start over. It’s already frustrating enough that in scenarios like these you have less control of your character and, in Metus Island for example, the camera angle changes on you a lot. Metus Island is one of the first places where I wanted to pay attention to the story because it seems interesting and I got the crap scared out of me a couple of times… but then I got trapped in a corner and died and had to completely start over. Then I got cornered again after making it to the death door and had to start over from square one again. Now I don’t care about the story, I’m not interested in finding all the notes on the ground and figuring out what happened on this island, I just want to be done with it. It’s just a bad gameplay experience, which is a shame because this island seemed super cool and I’m just frustrated with it now.

In summary, these scenarios need to have checkpoints where if you die you just spawn somewhere within the scenario close to where you died, not all the way back at the beginning.

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