Chicken event gone with no notice

Okay so, I know you guys haven’t addressed it in the patch notes but the daily login u didn’t also.
But why the hell we have 1 more week to wait for June update and no chicken event?
At least you should write it in patch notes for today update saying it was going to end no?
I didnt buy what I wanted like the cosmetic for example because I leave it to the end.
Is it correct or wrong i doesn’t matter…
You really should inform everything like you did last week.
Bad communication all over again… Damn you guys don’t learn anything
I hope the problem with the delay are not the yoz jar skins.

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you are joking right? :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:


No why should I?

Because they are bad at their job. Roxx did mention it, but still, the fact there is no event on shows how absolutely atrocious they are at making their deadlines.

Yeah Ive noticed it a long ago lel

the event window ingame stated it ended on the 23rd and roxx confirmed it yesterday when asked multiple times.

here is your notice :rofl: :joy:



umm, didn’t they tell us last week it was extended for a week? should have expected it to be over today

ohh i forgot the source

don’t recall them saying we would always have an event, that kind of makes it normal, not an event

Yes, but they inform you last week it would end this week because of the delay but it delayed 1 more week

In the last 4 months, when have we not had an event? Please name the dates.

because we have had one, does not mean they have to give us another… so many entitled people these days…

You realize, the events are the whole business model to keep people logging in right? I mean you can’t be that naive to think there won’t always be an event, unless they have royally screwed up. The only reason there is no event is because they have botched the Vykas patch so badly. Go look at KR, there is always an event. Their whole business model is based around FOMO, and the events are part of that. It isn’t entitlement, it is just being smart enough to see the whole picture of their business, not just one aspect.

Uhm so if I go as you all say, we shouldn’t have daily login this week. They said last week the 16th that we would have 5 day extension not 10 day. So
I see you guys are right lol

where do you see them say its because of the delay? And where did you see the delay would only be 1 week?

They don’t say it, they just make you understand that. If you don’t it’s something in you tho

If there wasn’t delay there would not be needed and extension or am I wrong?

Thank you very much AGS for a handy ignore system:)

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the books and the time on the coins said it was over today. it was all over the place, jusr needed to look at them and see