Chicken event gone with no notice

No one said the opposite. I’m just saying that they could inform that it was going to end. And the extension of daily login reward.

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they dont make us understand anything you just make up things yourself.

no they dont have to extend anything because of any delay. They can do whatever they want when they want.

just because we get “compensation / extending event” does not mean they have to do this every single time.

Okay bro. Go save ags and give them ur life. Thanks for your service.

i guess they could have but it seems redundant.

Shows so much how people dont do their research before they post, complain, bash and demand stuff!!!

you sound like a crying kid in a candy store without getting any candy.

did you not see or understand whats in the image i reply?

and this one you can read it unless you didnt read or dont wanna read it

another “Its AGS fault because I can’t read” troll post

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no i did not ses it. but looks like it was not going to end today so i get your point

Bro just farm the event today and you have enough coins to get all rewards today.
Doesnt matter if it is gone then cause its anyway weekly.