Chill with the honing and focus elsewhere

Due to Streamers and YouTubers, people are grossly overvaluing honing. Honing is nothing but your entry level for content, it gives a tiny amount of stats which helps but that’s it really.

At this point in the game, as long as you did your daily chaos, guardian and unas, even if you have sold materials for a few weeks before prices dropped you should still have easily made it into 1370, if at this point you’re below 1370 then just buy materials while they are 1/10th of the price then last week, guess what? Whales are not the only people who can buy materials to progress, you can also currency exchange for Una resources!

Your main roster progression after 1370 is to push to 1385 to unlock honing buffs for alts, this isn’t that important either unless you’re trying to push alts past 1340. Once you have hit 1370 it takes about 2-3 weeks to craft a full set of 1340 gear which basically gives you enough free honing levels to hit 1385 if you have the silver.

However note that this is only for ROSTER progression, if your want your main character progression then just ignore honing altogether past 1370, you have unlocked argos phase 1, pirate ship t3, night fox yoho, hard abyss, this is enough, Argos phase 2 and 3 as well as Velganos do not drop anything you cant get from Phase 1 or yoho, there is no reason to bother with pushing 1400IP currently except for the Argos Phase 3 challenge, you just get more rewards, not better then Phase 1, even 1385 is only for those who run T3 alts.

Your main character progression will start at T3, unless you have wasted your Pheons on useless shit you should have a few hundred by now, simply double equip your class engravings at epic which is enough to get +3 and buy a few acessories that give you +3 +0 -1 for your BiS engravings and roll a few stones till you get a 5-5 or a 6-5, this is enough to run 3/3/2 engravings, if you get lucky with a stone or get some +3 +2 acessories for super cheap this is your 3/3/3 engravings done and dusted, this is overkill for all the content in the game except Argos Phase 2/3

So you have your 3/3/3 engravings for about 10-15k gold, now what? Well, get your gems all up to lvl 5-6, these things give a tonne of % stats, for a very very cheap price, another 5k gold should be enough to buy 8 or so lvl 5 gems at this point if you have bad gems.

You also have runes and tripods, start getting your banked tripods all up to lvl 2-3, you can buy lvl 3 BiS tripods off the market for like 50 gold and 5 pheon, wack on some dust and you have a super cheap long term investment, once relic gear drops from Valtan then you will have access to +4 tripods, however +3 is perfectly fine. And as for runes, just check your BiS and then just grab your epic/legendary versions, blues and greens are just not that great.

So as long as you have done your dailies and had a bit of gold left over you should have an account with 3/3/3 engravings, full lvl 5 gems, full lvl 2-3 tripods and a scattering of runes, you basically made half a whale account for 20k gold which is enough till Valtan comes out, just slowly work on your accessories, see if you can snag a 3/3 for cheap, just take it slow, there not going anywhere (cheap is like 2k or less gold, use those market filters!)

If you sold materials you should have a good stockpile of gold, in total I myself made around 300k due to a lucky accessory drop, without it i still would have had about 80-100k to gear up.

If you have not sold materials then you should still be able to slowly gather up gold through things like chaos gates, adventure tome, rapport etc.

If you have not been doing your three basic core dailies, your chaos, guardian and unas then your just screwing yourself over, its not the devs fault if your stuck at the start of T3 if you dont collect your materials.

And no by this point, there isn’t a being stuck at 1360 due to bad rng, some people have 1370 ALTS by now, your dailies alone give enough materials even if you have your pity going to 100%, as said earlier, mat prices are so dead cheap that unless you wasted your gold on something useless you can easily hit 1370, leapstones are not 600 gold each anymore, there like 40.

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Most players don’t watch streamers/youtube They just quit the game when they hit an unreasonable wall. It is what it is you can’t convince those people because they don’t come to the forums. Only way to stop the bleed is to make progression reasonable. This is coming from a dude that no lifes this game lol progression is hella demanding. Most time unfriendly MMO I’ve ever played.

Right now the game is really bad for new players so the sooner they release valtan and t3 power pass the better. New players have it super rough compared to 2 months ago.


There is nothing unreasonable about an MMO taking time to progress, you log in for 20 minutes, do your dailies and you can just log off if you don’t have more time, sure it will harm your progress but not by a noticeable amount

You missed the part where I said it’s unreasonable compared to other MMOs you’ll make 0 progress at 20 minutes lmao. Each loading screen is close to a whole minute.


How are you being serious about this, una tasks take a few minutes with bifrosts or using auto tickets, two chaos dungeons take around 8-10m and your average guardian raid takes around 5-6 minutes each, and if you can get both done you can just use rest.

You forgot the loading screen that’s at least 10 minutes of loading screen in between all those. But anyways that’s not enough for any type of progression. With that 35 minutes you’re going into raw honing and that’ll make it take way longer than a person that does his chaos/boss/island dailies/cubes/bossrush/ghost ship.

Sure there is other stuff you CAN do, but a lot of the extra daily stuff can just be ignored or played when you have the time, ghost ships are weekly for example, your anguished isle should have been done in a month or so and you can just stack cube tickets and boss rushes into x3 entries, sure its not as efficient for the cube but if your stressed for time there is plenty of compromise.

Just like in any other game out there, if you put time into things you can progress faster, However as long as you do the bare minimum you could have hit 1370 by now, hell i don’t do my field bosses, ghost ships or island dailies and i sold 10k of each crystal the other day because i was gaining more materials per day then the silver I could use to hone with

Bruh I have all the time in the world. My point is just because I have that time doesn’t mean I’m delusional just saying that it takes 20minutes to do all your dailies is very weird. Idk wth you’re smoking my guy. And any players doing 20 minutes a day wouldn’t even make it to t3 in the next month or 2. So putting that statement is pointless period. The problem of this game is that you can’t reasonably play a average of around 3-4hours a day(the casual player) and make a reasonable amount of progress unlike most MMOs. I’m almost 700 hours in and most MMOs I’m at the very end game with bis gear by the 300-400 hour mark.

I would focus on other aspects of the game, if honing wasn’t the main purpose of the game and everything else felt like useless waste of time.

Side content in MMOs are something people do when they reach the end of gear progression. Clearly that’s not something people here are gonna be reaching anytime soon.

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Honing isnt the main purpose though, your main purpose is character and roster progression, your honing doesn’t mean shit if you cant even run decent engravings and other things.

You can ignore side content but it sounds like your ignoring your tripods, gems, engravings etc and treating it like honing is the most important thing when its nothing but a baseline you can easily pass while you do other things each day

@Redsprite came here to cry I see.

My guy 20 minutes isn’t enough for any reasonable amount of roster progression either. That shit takes just as long if not longer. I’ve done it I’m almost at max skill points and mokoko. I’ve at 134 roster lvl lol.

Cry? I guess spitting facts = crying. Lmao what’s your roster lvl and ilvl? Don’t talk to be if you’re below 120 roster >.>

I can’t even understand how its taking you so long for your daily content, sure I can easily play the game for that time and not run out of things to do because of collections, rotating islands etc but even then i am usually tabbed out watching youtube in between guardian raids or chaos dgs or looking at the map for mokoko locations. You should use your bifrosts more or at least plan what your doing better if your so stressed for time.

Becuase loading screen exists and you’re big dumb if you only add up the time completion at the end of your dungeons. Game has a lot of stall moments on top of long load times.

If you dislike the game so much and you obviously cant invest the time for an MMO then just stop playing.

It really sounds like you have horrible time management if it’s taking you over four hours per day to complete your dailies.

Loading screens can be an issue but so what? Ive played thousands of hours on games with longer loading times and its never bothered me.

You are in the end playing an MMO, a game genre that’s notorious for requiring high amounts of time investment, which lost ark has the most forgiving system with having rest bonus and x3 entries.

I used to spend 8+ hours a day in albion and not even manage to max a skill out after four months.

I think you need to clean out the dust in your computer if every loading screen is taking a full minute. It’s like 10 seconds for me and my computer is almost four years old.

TL:DR: Stop playing how you play and play how I play and collect Mokoko Seeds! That’s real content.

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I guess you have trouble reading lmao None of the post has anything to do with me personally. OR Try to be objective. I didn’t say dailies take 4 hours. I said that’s the average playtime of a casual player. No1 logs into a MMO everyday and plays only 20 minutes. I guess you are big dumb.

4 hours is more hours per day than I play and if it wasn’t for a lack of silver I would have hit 1400IP last week.