Chinese Infinite Chaos dungoen botting/Gold selling advertising streamers are back untouched

These texts on the left or right of the screen is their contact for gold selling.

Seeing how he has infinite mats and 1516, AGs doesn’t care about infinite chaos botters i guess.
Another one: 1492.

Just look at their cursors teleporting or standing completely still.

This one doesn’t even care. you can see his program UI on the screen.


just block this Chinese players man, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I dont wanna be racist since Im Asian but what the Fk is wrong with these people, Bots, Cheat Engine, Injector, you name it.

and Big F to some SEA players who use the bot/engine aswell, I wish you get ban MFs! LIKE PERMANENT.


they try but it’s not possible there are tool to escape region block

meanwhile people sell a lvl 8 gems for 45k and get banned or warned meanwhile all this other shit going on and don’t get me started on t1/t2 gear selling for 500k+


its a consistent fight, but AGS wont allocate money or resources to fight them instead they wait for Smilegate Devs or KR for a solution. which is dumb because Bots are 24/7 running minus the maintenance.

the thing is you dont know how much they do allocate how much it would need to properly fight it and how much they can allocate to it without destroying their profit

it like ppl that say just get moderator to ban bot manualy that dont understand that ags will not get 5000 / 10000 full time moderator

if you want to blame somthing blame steam who dont even try to stop botter acount creation with mobile verification ect
even a few ppl can fuck an entire game cause of this if you want an exemple look at tf2

theres no way they can be transparent, even updates and patchnotes are given late.

AGS are publisher, they dont even have a GM tools.

Idk man, theres a system that you can monitor each of the names and IP. With bots naming them some random sht and having a same address should be flagged, 5 or 10 in 1 Hardware and IP are obviously should be taken out.

its not the mods problem, I think Smilegate doesnt give them the right tools.
or they dont trust them much. HAHAHA well who knows, But im sure the game is slowly bleeding to death.

They don’t care, they view Lost Ark as a side project and clearly haven’t put enough resources into it.

Don’t trust the streamers who hide the time of day with a banner and have chat hidden or chat timestamps hidden but are willing to show their roster names. They’re usually frauds. They show pre-recorded video to make it look like their bot is never detected, to scam people looking to buy a good bot.

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I used to live in SEA and bot is culture in SEA players. If you walk in an internet cafe while in SEA, they have all bot program installed for customers. Some games release in SEA version even have build-in bot app. And devs encourage it!

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To add to this, a co-worker of mine asked earlier today what I do to pass the time and I said “I play Lost Ark on Steam”.

His immediate response was “Oh, I heard you can earn money [IRL] from that?”.

I was puzzled, but then it clicked, he and I are Filipinos but we view games (and pastimes) completely differently.

I guess it comes with the territory (“third world country” and such). Also, I have no kids and he has some, so there’s that too.

Pictures and Videos or youre a liar :smiley:

It is easy! They are advertising and even made poster for their hack tools.
This is for league of legends and I hope you can read

Here more

you got a shitty place lmao, thanks for the picture tho. then youre not a liar. KEKW

They’re not just advertising their hacks, they are also advertising their gold selling contacts on the left or right of the screen.