Chose Feiton Pass on Wrong Character


I wrongly chose which character should receive the Feiton Pass. Is there anyway this action can be reverted? The character who wrongly got it is at Beatrix, no action was made with her beside clicking the pass button.

Character who got the pass: Lindström
Character who I actually want to get the pass: Lensalot
Server: Yorn

I think the answer ist No sry. If you use the Powerpass on the wrong character its youre false and they cant do anything for you. Sry

@Ratschekasten thank you for letting me know what you think, although this doesn’t tackle the question at all.

Could I get any Lost Ark representative to take a look into this matter?

I’ve already tried reaching out to AGS and this is what they answered:

“Thank you for reaching out regarding your question. I know, once you click on one character, this actions can not be undone as the pass gets linked to that character. We have seen some players talking about this on the forums, but there is no official answer from the developers yet. I would advise you to wait one or two days to see if the developers give us any feedback about it. Any news would be share on the official forum and web page of lost ark”

That character who got the pass was left untouched since Thursday and I’ve been missing out content ever since because of it and would really like a straight answer to either get back on playing it or to wait until a specific date to revert this issue.

Unfortunately at this time there is no way to revert a pass used on the wrong character. I’ll copy an official response from our support here for you.

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Marvelous. Thank you for the feedback!