Christmas present

Firstly thanks for the great game. Issues and all, still enjoy all 12 of my characters. Got 3 mains so far…

Plz give us 2 classes for November…so we can enjoy them over the holidays. Reaper and I dont care what else. Dont give roadmap…just surprise us. :smiley:

would make alot of people happy if both of the 2 potential next classes would release and give everyone time to build them but this is likely not the case.
so i hope that is the case, but my expectations remain low

Worth a shot. XD

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You will get reaper and another class until Christmas. I promise…

Not this Christmas, but any Christmas, that’s for sure.

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But I am sure only reaper Novemeber and then Summoner Jan and artist March. Etc

Best we can do is 3 Pheons.