Claimed Materials from Mari shop on wrong character

Hello, I was on my alt (did not know I was on my alt) buying materials from the mari shop. My product inventory was full so I claimed some materials so I could buy more, but I didn’t realize I was on my alt character. I claimed quite a lot of tier 3 materials on my tier 1 striker I have no intention of pushing. The materials are now bound to him and I cannot put them into roster storage so I could give them to my tier 3 character. Please help

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Hi there @EnviskaSquad welcome to the forums.

Sorry to hear that, unfortunately we cannot transfer between characters nor unclaim items.

Thank you for your understanding, take care.

Hello @Stooh, thanks for the quick response! Are there any future plans to implement some sort of transferring between characters? Specifically honing materials between roster? It sucks that this happened.

Hi there

I couldn’t say if I’m being honest with you as there is no official info right now but we’d let you via forums and official site if/when that happens. @EnviskaSquad .

Have a great week.


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