Claimed powerpass but for some reason i can't activate it

did you right click it in your bag? if so , it should be useable

yeah i did.

ok try to create the character first & then use the power pass on that character or re-load the game

there will be a notification on the left side of server screen saying you have a Trixion pass or w/e its called for that server when you do have it available

thank you for your help, i figured it out.

what did it end up being ? and np

created new character then it started at level 10, shouldn’t i be level 50 combat if i activate the pass

there is a few things you can do to get set of 302 gear and other 1 time Skins. like bunny ears and a leaf on your head. you can choose to skip them all and automatically be level 50 , but you miss out on those rewards. takes about an hour to do them all