Claimed Welcome Challenge on alt

Hello! I know it was my fault but I’m writing here hoping I can be assisted still. Yesterday I logged on my alt and during the loading screen then I was asked to do stuff in real life. When I came back to my computer, I lazily just autopilot clicked the Welcome challenge on the Clear Guardian Raid: Frost Helgaia which gave 40 Life Leapstone and 60 Caldarr fusion material thinking I was on my main. If there is even a chance I can move that reward to my main which achieved that milestone, I would be very thankful. I am not expecting any help since it was pretty dumb on my part. Thanks for listening. Thanks!

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I understand this inconvenience, since I did the same thing as a Lost Ark player by creating several characters on different servers and claiming the drops on one server i don’t use , and not being able to use them the items later on other servers.
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Thanks for the speedy reply! The link you provided led me to a New World support which told me to press escape and send in feedback in game. Am I understanding this the wrong way?


I apologize for the mistake , i updated the link with the correct feedback section for you and also here’s the link again :

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hi slide, did this work for you? were they willing to move the items from one character to another?