Claiming Ark Pass Rewards

Just a quick question, is there any time limit for how long i can claim any unclaimed rewards?
Only took the first 5 levels yet. Thanks.

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Based on the bottom line of the ARK PASS & APRIL STORE SHOWCASE APRIL 21, 2022 | SHOWCASE, this one quotes “The Premium and Super Premium Ark Passes will be available via the in-game store until June 18, and progress can be earned until July 14.” Meaning the tree tracks will leave by that time.

Unfortunately it does not include if after the due date, players are will somehow be able to claim the rewards that were not claim on time.

I suggest you, if you are about to hit the lvl 30 to claim partially some rewards because when the lvl 30 is reached you will not be able to pick up the rewards one-by-one, it’ll be all in row.

I hope this information granted you gives a great and helpful insight.

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Thanks for the answer. Then i guess just claim them all tomorrow. Already been sitting at 30 for a while now but didn’t claim any cause i hadn’t that much storage space.

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