Clarification about Sea Bounties

Heya Guys!

I need some info, cuz I’m lost… I even asked some of the biggest streamers (ATK, Saintone, etc.) but sadly they wasn’t sure about the answear either.

So, there are 4 Shipwreck Sea Bounty in our region, namely: Ghost Stingray, Siren, Aurora and Totoiki Boat. Every guide, and even the ingame description says they came from Shipwrecks. I know that these Shipwreck maps came from Sea Gates.

Is it matter that which Sea Gate i farm? They came from different Sea Gates? Example: Totoiki is from Harmony, Stringray from Feiton etc. or i can get all 4 from the same Sea Gates (Harmony for example).

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Every Sea bounty collectible is unique drops or achievements(rapports). If Sea gate gives you one it will not give you the other.

It’s just a guess right? I know these are unique drops, but Sea Gates can drop different Ship Wreck map, and Ship Wreck maps gives the Bounty map.

For shipwrecks I would guess it would be in the area the shipwreck is in, I am not 100% sure either on that, but I doubt you can do same gate over and over for different bounties.